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JH In October 

Hello all!! 

It seems that summer's bitter chokehold on us all is finally weakening, and we may have a few weeks of comfortable sweater-and/or-light-jacket weather before the icy cold hand of winter replaces it. I'm an autumn guy, through and through, so the next 4-6 weeks will be my happiest of the year. I don't love winter, but I really, really hate hot weather; little makes me wilt so quickly as 85+ with high humidity. I may as well just be an actual puddle on the sidewalk on days like that. Thankfully…

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JH In September 

Hi there ho there! 

It's been a hard summer in a lot of ways, but the leaves begin to turn, the temperatures begin to drop, and (for a brief moment) we have the possibility of perfection before the winter comes. I always thought that "leaf-peeping" was ridiculous, until I moved to the Hudson Valley... now I'm that guy doing 35 in a 55 (sorry!), in awe of my surroundings. Just means I need to leave a little earlier to get places... 

Shows shows shows! I'll be some places this month: 
Sat, Sep 16 - Hudson…

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Record Release Show June 3!! 

Hey everyone, 

I'M SO EXCITED!! Today I finally get to officially announce the record release party for "Through Private Wars" will be held at Colony Woodstock on June 3! This will be a full-band extravaganza, featuring many of the musicians who played on the record with me! The Colony is newly re-opening this weekend, and is a stunningly beautiful room. Tickets are onsale now, and are $10 in advance and $12 DOS. It's not a huge room, so get your tickets now! 

I'll also be hitting NYC next weekend (Map…

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Announcing... "Through Private Wars"!! 

It is with great joy and pride that I announce the imminent release of my first solo LP, "Through Private Wars". Over a year of work, three different studios, ten additional musicians (including an appearance by bass legend Tony Levin!!), and a lifetime of questionable life choices have finally led me here, to this collection. The album will be released 6/2 on all major digital marketplaces, and will be available in physical form from me directly. It's available for pre-order now! I've posted the tracklist…Read more

Pre-Sale Continues! Winter Walk! 

Hi there ho there, 

You know I don't like to bother y'all too too often, so two quick points and I'm out: 

The pre-sale continues for my debut LP! If you don't order your copy by the end of this month, you won't get the early digital release (which will come out weeks, if not MONTHS, before the official release), and you won't have a chance to get any of the fun perks I have for you! Those are ABSOLUTELY only for this pre-order period! I really hate asking for help, but I really need it. In this month of…

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A Supplemental Pre-Sale/Fundraiser 

Hey folks, 

Won't take much of your time. And if you already pledged to help me make my debut LP, then you can stop reading here knowing I hold you in the highest esteem, and speak your name with warm gratitude. 

Otherwise: I'm doing a supplemental pre-sale/fundraiser for this record, because I just don't know how else I'll be able to get it finished. I didn't like asking before, and I don't like asking now, but: I need your help. I'm (nearly if not completely) done with tracking, but there's mixing…

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JH in November: News and Notes 

Hi there ho there! I have the usual quasi-cold that I get when it's 65 and then 35 and then 65 and then it snows four inches and then it melts in less than 24 hours, and The Better Half and I haven't quite gotten around to fully cleaning up after our housewarming(s), but. I got no particular complaints today. 


Gigs: light this month, just a quick duo next weekend. Hitting up some open mics here and there, but heading into something like hibernation for the winter: 
Friday, November 11 -…

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JH In October: A Little Quiet(er) 

Hey folks, 

Fairly quick update today: I'm scaling back on gigs a bit heading into the winter, both because weather gets pretty dicy, and also so that I can keep my head down a little and write and finish up this god-forsaken record (which, truth be told, is coming along beautifully if slowly and which has lots of new tidbits that I wish to tell you about but I can't just yet). 

That said, since I go a little nuts if I don't get to make an ass of myself in public now and again, you'll probably see me…

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JH in September: Some New Ideas, Some New Songs 


Lots to get through: 

A: The record. I'm headed to the studio tonight for the pentultimate tracking day: after 10PM tonight, two thirds of the songs should be fully tracked (and possibly even mixed). Maybe, maybe, y'all get a sneak peek soon. Maybe. Probably looking at early 2017 for release... stay tuned. 

B: Gigs. Kind of a light month, largely as I have a couple trips with The Better Half, and they're the kind where I was informed in no uncertain terms that I would NOT be allowed to gig…

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JH in August: HUGE PHILLY SHOW!! Other Shows As Well!! 

Hi Ho Hi Ho It's Off To Promote I Go... 

And a good morning to all of you! I'd like to begin by thanking Magpie Bookshop and the many lovely people who came out to welcome me in my first gig in my new hometown! Went to bed all warm and fuzzy and, admittedly, still a little sweaty. Looking forward to singing to your pretty faces many more times (including at next week's Farmer's Market!). 

The BIG news for the month is the ONE NIGHT ONLY REUNION SHOW of THE WAY HOME. For those who came later: The Way Home…

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