Fundraiser Update #3: Ten Days To Go!!

 Hi there ho there, 

So I had a pre-production session last night with the producer of this little shindig, and I have to tell you, I don't think I've ever been this excited. I really can't stress to you enough how great the players I've assembled for this project are, nor how focused we all are on making this a great collection of music, how good I feel about the songwriting going into it (and if you know me at all, you know that THAT is saying quite a lot, as I usually completely mistrust my writing). 

At this point, the only thing up in the air is how much record I can afford to make. There are ten days left in my album fundraiser, and I absolutely am over the moon with how much support I've already received, and I absolutely can't sleep with stress about how much further there is to go. Please, please, PLEASE click through this link and pre-order the record, if you would? $10 gets you the record as early as it's completed, $20 gets a signed, hand-numbered CD, and there are other fun packages if you're into it.  

I don't suspect I'll have ever kids, and I will never be wealthy. All I can offer the world is my life and my work. I hate hate hate asking, I hate hate hate needing, but my pockets are pretty shallow: I just can't do this without all of you. Please contribute if you can.  

Loves and Kisses, 


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