JH in November: News and Notes

Hi there ho there! I have the usual quasi-cold that I get when it's 65 and then 35 and then 65 and then it snows four inches and then it melts in less than 24 hours, and The Better Half and I haven't quite gotten around to fully cleaning up after our housewarming(s), but. I got no particular complaints today. 


Gigs: light this month, just a quick duo next weekend. Hitting up some open mics here and there, but heading into something like hibernation for the winter: 
Friday, November 11 - Magpie Bookshop, Catskill NY 7 PM 
Saturday, November 12 - Mocha Maya's, Shelburne Falls MA 8 PM 

Record: somehow, this beast STILL isn't finished, although aside from (maybe) harmony vocals on one song, and (maybe) re-taking a couple lead vocals, we're DONE WITH TRACKING!! That said, mixing isn't going to happen until probably December, so. Maybe it'll be out in March...? Or April? Rest assured, it's the best thing I've ever put my fingers (or voice) on, and I have at least one guest performer who I've been wanting to have on a record since I was 19, so. 

Other Ventures: I'm trying, now, to be more active on my Patreon page: this is a place where you can, if you like, pledge me a dollar (or two, or five, or ten) a month, and I can share otherwise unreleased content (live video, new tunes, etc) with those of you who pledge! I'm trying to drop at least one brand-new tune per month there, as well as whatever else I can find. If you had a dollar (or two, or five, or ten) a month that you weren't using for anything, maybe you can use it for this. 

I'm also sharing weekly playlists on Spotify of all the weirdness that gets caught in my brain (or, at least, as much of it as I can catch) on my Facebook Page (as well as the Blog page of this here site). If ever you wanted to know what it sounds like in my head as I wander around the earth, this is as close as you're gonna get (well, maybe you should have a tinnitus ring, too, but I don't know how to replicate that). 

Lastly: I'm not gonna go on a big political rant here. Suffice it to say: go vote. It matters who you vote for, and I'm sure you probably know who I'm gonna vote for. But this year, and next year, and the one after that: vote, even if it's not for President. Also, if no one in your town/state/federal government shares your views, then run for office. You probably know better than those clowns. 

Cheers, y'all! 


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