JH In October: A Little Quiet(er)

Hey folks, 

Fairly quick update today: I'm scaling back on gigs a bit heading into the winter, both because weather gets pretty dicy, and also so that I can keep my head down a little and write and finish up this god-forsaken record (which, truth be told, is coming along beautifully if slowly and which has lots of new tidbits that I wish to tell you about but I can't just yet). 

That said, since I go a little nuts if I don't get to make an ass of myself in public now and again, you'll probably see me haunting the open mics in the Greene/Columbia/Ulster/Dutchess County regions... 

I AM playing a quick show tomorrow night in Catskill at Magpie Bookshop, opening for Eric & Erica, on tour through the area, so you should be sure to check that if you have the time. Couple more dates on the books further down... 

I'm also trying to stretch my internetting a little bit in lieu of not touring as much: I'm continuing to add new content to my Patreon page, where you can give me just a little financial support in exchange for exclusive video/audio/whatever else I get thinking about, and I'm trying to share a weekly playlist of all the weird shit that gets caught in my head on my Facebook page, so you can be sure to check those out. 

Other than that: I miss you all, and I love you all, and thank you for all you've given me, and I swear the record (and the fundraiser rewards) is coming as soon as I can make it, and come see me on the interwebs (or at a gig)!! 

Friday 9.30 - Magpie Bookshop, Catskill NY, 7 PM 
Saturday 10.22 - Hudson Farmer's Market, Hudson NY, 10 AM 
Friday 11.11 - Magpie Bookshop, Catskill NY, 7 PM 
Saturday 11.12 - Mocha Maya's, Shelburne Falls MA, 7 PM