JH In October

Hello all!! 

It seems that summer's bitter chokehold on us all is finally weakening, and we may have a few weeks of comfortable sweater-and/or-light-jacket weather before the icy cold hand of winter replaces it. I'm an autumn guy, through and through, so the next 4-6 weeks will be my happiest of the year. I don't love winter, but I really, really hate hot weather; little makes me wilt so quickly as 85+ with high humidity. I may as well just be an actual puddle on the sidewalk on days like that. Thankfully, we're getting to "brisk" with a quickness. 

I shall, therefore, endeavor to celebrate my favorite season by putting on some great shows (that being just about all I really know how to do)! The major highlight is my return to the beautiful Colony in Woodstock, bring an all-too-rare full-band rock show into that hallowed room, with a special opening performance by my dear friends The Whispering Tree. Tickets are on sale now, and will be less expensive today than they will that day, so get on it! 
I'll be chasing it with a solo show at the fabulous HVSS Music Night the following Friday opening for the delightful Sweet Clementines, which should be another can't-miss evening. Not that you should miss ANY of them if you can avoid it... 

Fri, Sep 29 - Rock The Gazebo, Tivoli Memorial Library, Tivoli NY, 6PM 
Sun, Oct 1 - The Not-So-Open Mic One Year Anniversary, The Lodge, Woodstock NY, 6PM 
Sun, Oct 8 - Sunday Sessions, Sloop Brewing, Elizaville NY, 2PM 
Mon, Oct 16 - Dead Radio Podcast, Internet, Evening 
Sat, Oct 21 - Colony, Woodstock NY, 8PM 
Fri, Oct 27 - HVSS Music Night, Glenford NY, 7PM 
Sat, Oct 28 - Hudson Farmer's Market, Hudson NY 10AM 
Sat, Oct 28 - West Wind Orchards, Accord NY, 3PM 

Hope all is well with you!! See you at the shows!! 


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