One Year In Texas: A Full Report 

Hey y'all, 

Can you believe it? This Friday marks ONE YEAR spent in Texas, one year spent as a full-time musician, and one year where I haven't yet starved to death! 

Some stats: in the first 365 days, I played 151 shows at 65 different venues: bars, breweries, farmers markets, old folks homes, and more (almost 400 hours of stage time), driven 13,600+ miles for work (NOT counting the 1850 miles it took to get to Texas), and sweated through and/or broken nearly 120 sets of guitar strings. Had $1000 worth…

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Seasons Greetings from ATX! 

Helloooooooo strangers! 

Been a hot minute since I last wrote, so it seems like it was about time to drop y'all a line, let you know how life has been since I up and moved down to Tejas! 

In the first two months, I've played 17 gigs at 13 different venues, and have 13 more on the books so far for the next couple months. Not quite at my 15-20 a month goal just yet, but not too shabby a beginning, if I do say so myself. I've been greeted warmly and supported by the lovely people around here, finding a few…

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JH In October 

Hello all!! 

It seems that summer's bitter chokehold on us all is finally weakening, and we may have a few weeks of comfortable sweater-and/or-light-jacket weather before the icy cold hand of winter replaces it. I'm an autumn guy, through and through, so the next 4-6 weeks will be my happiest of the year. I don't love winter, but I really, really hate hot weather; little makes me wilt so quickly as 85+ with high humidity. I may as well just be an actual puddle on the sidewalk on days like that. Thankfully…

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JH In September 

Hi there ho there! 

It's been a hard summer in a lot of ways, but the leaves begin to turn, the temperatures begin to drop, and (for a brief moment) we have the possibility of perfection before the winter comes. I always thought that "leaf-peeping" was ridiculous, until I moved to the Hudson Valley... now I'm that guy doing 35 in a 55 (sorry!), in awe of my surroundings. Just means I need to leave a little earlier to get places... 

Shows shows shows! I'll be some places this month: 
Sat, Sep 16 - Hudson…

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Record Release Show June 3!! 

Hey everyone, 

I'M SO EXCITED!! Today I finally get to officially announce the record release party for "Through Private Wars" will be held at Colony Woodstock on June 3! This will be a full-band extravaganza, featuring many of the musicians who played on the record with me! The Colony is newly re-opening this weekend, and is a stunningly beautiful room. Tickets are onsale now, and are $10 in advance and $12 DOS. It's not a huge room, so get your tickets now! 

I'll also be hitting NYC next weekend (Map…

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