Debut Solo Record Pre-Sale/Fundraiser

Hello and happy holidays!! 

I'm so excited to finally tell y'all, I'm practically fit to burst: 

I'm launching the pre-sale/fundraiser to make my first official solo album!!  

It's been years in the making; I'm scheduled to begin tracking in February, and I'm hoping for a summer release (though, obviously, we don't want to rush things). I have maybe the best batch of songs I've ever written, I have an absolutely crackerjack lineup of musicians on board, and I can't wait for y'all to hear it! You can go here to find out more information, and to pledge some support if you like! 

Every pledge $10 or above gets a digital copy of the record (and long before it's released officially, too), every pledge $20 or above gets a signed, hand-numbered CD copy (on or around the release date), and there are plenty of other great pledge packages too, including limited-edition t-shirts, posters, hand-written lyric sheets, house concerts, and more!! 

Feeling generous and in the holiday spirit? Contribute to this fundraiser today! Feeling a little tight, and want to put a couple paychecks between the holidays and you? I'll be running this for all of January and a little bit of February, so kick in when you can! Whether or not you're able to contribute, please share this with your friends (I'm pretty sure they'll like this record too)!! 

Your continuing support means the world to me, every day. I couldn't do this without all of you, and even if I could, I don't know that I'd want to. I hope that all of you, and all the people you love, are warm and well this holiday season, and that the year to come is better than the year behind.  

Merry Happy Christmahannukwanzakahs, 


Help Me Make My Debut Solo Album!!

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