JH in September: Some New Ideas, Some New Songs


Lots to get through: 

A: The record. I'm headed to the studio tonight for the pentultimate tracking day: after 10PM tonight, two thirds of the songs should be fully tracked (and possibly even mixed). Maybe, maybe, y'all get a sneak peek soon. Maybe. Probably looking at early 2017 for release... stay tuned. 

B: Gigs. Kind of a light month, largely as I have a couple trips with The Better Half, and they're the kind where I was informed in no uncertain terms that I would NOT be allowed to gig during them... Happy wife, happy life. But there's a few: 
Sat, Sep 3 - Concert on the Green, Woodstock NY, 3PM 
Fri, Sep 9 - Chatham Brewing, Chatham NY 8PM 
Fri, Sep 30 - Magpie Bookshop, Catskill NY 7PM (short opening set for Eric & Erica (NC)) 
Fri, Sep 30 - Bella Luna, Saugerties NY 9PM 

C: Patreon. So, this is a new thing: Patreon is an online site whereby people (like you!) can pledge small, recurring amounts of money to support creators (like me!), and the creators in turn can share exclusive content. Sort of like a sustainable KickStarter. You pledge $1 a month (or more), you get access to whatever I get into my head to release: new tunes, old tunes, cover tunes, live tunes, video, audio, whatever else I can think of. In todays wintery (at least for musicians) economic climate, this is a new way to try and stay afloat and keep in touch with those of you who believe in me, without whom I'd be nothing (artists are kind of like Tinkerbell that way: if you don't believe in us, and clap for us now and again, we disappear). Anyway, I've posted a couple videos and downloadable mp3s already, and I'll be posting more this month and beyond. Please go check it out! 

D: I'm going to be trying to start something a little fun on my Facebook page, as well. If you haven't already gone and 'Liked' it, you should feel free to do so at your discretion. Keep your eyes peeled. 

Hope to see you at the shows (and, those of you who don't live in the Hudson Valley? I'm working on it!!)!! 

Miss ya love ya always thinkin' of ya, 


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