JH In July - Summer Feels Like Forever

Hey folks, 

Hope everyone is surviving and staying cool here in my least favorite time of the year! As I'm sure you've all seen, I'm a sweater (thanks, Dad!), so I spend the hot months in basically a constant state of schvitz. The Better Half keeps hinting that we should move to the south. I remind her that she'd be married to a puddle.  
Speaking of The Better Half, we just bought a house in Catskill NY, which seems impossible (or at least ill-advised: what idiot at a bank thought I should be given lots and lots of money?!), but is starting to be real in a lovely way: finally a space that is really ours, that we can change and not have to change back, that we get to have and keep and make our lives in. The world is strange and good. 

The ever popular #JHDebut update: spent the entirety of my Sunday in the studio, laying in keys with the masterful Kevin Simon, harmony vocals with the incandescent Eleanor Kleiner and Elie Brangbour (better known, perhaps, as The Whispering Tree. Go check their work if you don't know it; I'll wait...), doubling an acoustic guitar track, and replacing a lead vocal with one that's both better sung and includes an improved lyric sheet. Only (I hope) one more tracking session, unless there's two more. Let me tell you how excited I am about this record, and how incredible it's beginning to sound. Scheduling is hard, and records are expensive, but I think this one's gonna be worth it when it's done.  

Got lots of shows coming up this month all over the region, so there's probably gonna be one near you (unless you don't live in or adjacent to the Hudson Valley, in which case I might not be getting to you just yet); tell your friends and come on out and let me sing to you! The NYC gig, in particular, is worth note: I'll be doing a special live preview of #JHDebut at one of my favorite rooms in Manhattan; since I don't have a sense of the release date, this is the first chance to get to hear what's gonna be on it, with a special band lineup! 

7/16 - Mocha Maya's, Shelburne Falls MA, 8 PM 
7/23 - Chalk Festival, New Paltz NY, 5 PM 
7/24 - LP1 Preview, Sidewalk Cafe, NYC, 8 PM 
7/28 - Dogwood, Beacon NY, 8 PM 
7/29 - Chatham Brewing, Chatham NY, 8 PM 
7/30 - Kingston Farmer's Market, Kingston NY, 11 AM 
7/31 - Hudson Valley Distillers, Clermont NY, 3 PM 
8/4 - Magpie Bookshop, Catskill NY, 7 PM 
8/7 - Radio Bean, Burlington VT, 7 PM 
8/12 - Catskill Farmer's Market, Catskill, 6 PM 

 See you at the shows!!