JH In May: When The World Turns Green

Gooooood morning, all! 

It's my birfday, and, while this morning is spent at my day job (boo!), the afternoon and evening will be spent in the studio (yay!) getting one solid day closer to finished with this first LP (DOUBLE YAY!). I suspect at this point we're looking at the fall for the release of this record, possibly even winter (if necessary). Scheduling is hard. I'm hoping maybe to have an advance track or two done sooner than that, though: it's driving me crazy that I can't share it with y'all yet!! 

What I CAN share with you, though, is this: I decided this year to take a swing at February Album Writing Month, an online organization that wants you to write 14 songs in 28 (or 29) days in February. I managed 5, which for me is an awful lot to write in a single month (particularly a month in which I was starting to track for the LP); even wilder, all five were actually kinda okay! I have decided, in light of the delay to the record, to release my scratchy, first-time-played demos of these tunes (none of which will be on LP1, but several of which may well be on LP2). Some have already undergone rewrites onstage, others will be rewritten as I go, but: here's some embryonic ideas that you can have. A few of you have already heard these, but for the rest of you: Happy Birthday To Me! They're free if you don't want to pay for them, but I'm making a record and trying to buy a house, so if you DO want to pay for them, I accept.  

Beyond that, I'm off-stage until June, but you can find me: 

Saturday, June 4 - Catskill Mountain Pizza, Woodstock NY 
Sunday, June 5 - Hudson Valley Distillers, Clermont NY 
Friday June 10 - Chatham Brewing, Chatham NY 
Sunday June 12 - Pianos, NYC 

And I'll be playing lead guitar for Thunderbear on Friday, June 17 at Mountain View Studios in Woodstock, so that should be a hoot, too.  

Be well, my friends, on this day (the anniversary of my birth) and all the other days, too! 

Miss ya luv ya always thinkin of ya, 


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