A Web Concert! A NYC Concert!

Hey there ho there happy day, 

Hoping y'all are staying cool, unless you're one of those weirdos who likes the heat, in which case I say "THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT."  


Coupla shows to report, including my first ever Web Concert!! This upcoming Sunday (8/9), at 5PM EDT, I'll be appearing on your internets to sing some songs and banter awkwardly at a chat window. You should check it out: as it's my first time trying this, it'll be free to stream (though, I do accept tips, hint hint). I'll sing for maybe an hour, maybe more if people are into it, maybe less if they aren't... Some new tunes, some old tunes, some cover tunes, who knows what else... event info on FB(join if you haven't, and share it with your friends), or you can just go here at 5 on Sunday. If your device has the internet, you can hear me sing and watch me struggle to remember lyrics on it.  

Additionally, I'll be appearing at my old favorite, Sidewalk Cafe, on the Lower East Side, on Sunday August 23rd; this show is ALSO free, and I ALSO accept tips at it, though it WILL require you to be in Manhattan at the time. I'll likely record that show for possible digital release, so if you want your heckling to be encoded into little parcels of information and float around in a series of tubes until our new alien overlords pull the plug, you should come holler at me. 

Also, keep an eye on here: might be something new comin' soon... 

Look to the East, at dawn on the fifth day...  

Hearts and stars and moons and clovers and diamonds and horseshoes, 


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