A Supplemental Pre-Sale/Fundraiser

Hey folks, 

Won't take much of your time. And if you already pledged to help me make my debut LP, then you can stop reading here knowing I hold you in the highest esteem, and speak your name with warm gratitude. 

Otherwise: I'm doing a supplemental pre-sale/fundraiser for this record, because I just don't know how else I'll be able to get it finished. I didn't like asking before, and I don't like asking now, but: I need your help. I'm (nearly if not completely) done with tracking, but there's mixing, mastering, production... solo records are expensive! I've already gone over $3k out of pocket (on top of the nearly $3k pledged before we began), and there's just still quite a hill to climb. 

Anyway, please check out my IndieGoGo campaign, and if you were looking forward to this record, maybe you can order it now and help me get it finished! 

Love ya lots,