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Citywide Serenade 

Put me on a bus baby please put me right down to bed
I think that last Citywide finally got to my head
Think I've had enough of working think I'll just drink here instead
Baby please put me to bed

Well the barlights are dimming but I know they'll grow brighter again
As Wednesday approaches and Tuesday slurs down to its end
One more for the road became two more to stay in one place
And I thought you were smiling but I found that I can't feel my face

Put me on a bus baby please put me right down to bed 
I think that…

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The Songs I Never Sang For You 

I toss and turn I freeze and burn here in my bed
Sounds and noises whispered voices in my head
Of all the ways I could have stayed and made it new
But now they're gone the songs I never sang for you

The man he said you must be ready when it comes
Don't slow your hand or take for granted where it's from
From where you've been look out the window at the view
Where they belong the songs I never sang for you

You were dusty
You were drying
You were withering
Falling off the vine

I stayed inside and tried to hide the things…

Kentucky Straight 

Morning comes and strike me dumb
Yawn my way til ten
Keep on treading water til lunchtime
Back to yawning again
Goddam fluorescent migraine
Buzz behind my eyes
Fake a smile to hide behind
Never get em wise

But I'll be fine
Staying up too late
Walk that line
Kentucky Straight

Wanna see the bright lights tonight
Small price to pay
To hear all them bar lights calling
Guess I'll have to stay

But I'll be fine
Staying up too late
Walk that line
Kentucky Straight

My dreams are flying clear of eye and shining like a star
But evening's…

Country Highways 

I like to drive country highways
The you go your way I'll go my ways
See how time forgot our American byways
I like to drive country highways

32 to 23
5 and 20 headed east
Farmland closing in on Main St
Far as anybody's eyes can see

You can keep your toll roads
Your eight-lane wide got no soul roads
I'll take the quiet small town slow roads every time

Fading houses with cherry red doors
Christmas tree farms general stores
Open quarries and shuttered-down resorts
Churches built before the wars

You can keep your toll roads

Eyelash Wishes 

It's a new year but with the same old times
Gonna write a new verse with the same old rhymes
Saying this time will be different I know my life can change
Still got the same old body still got the same old brain

Eyelash wishes that she blows off of her fingers
A prayer for grace or love or peace the world can bring her
A moment stolen dreaming all her favorite singers
Those eyelash wishes that she blows off of her fingers

We need to catch a break
We just can't live this way
Can't stay this uninspired
Can't carry all…

Moon Over My Shoulder 

1:41 in the morning
Driving home from the show
I hope they all liked it
Sometimes I don't know
I just wanna reach somebody
Maybe brighten up their day
If my voice and my fingers
Can take on a little bit of that weight

I've got a piece of shit car that's all filled up with gear
I've got a girl wants to live anyplace else but here
I've got nine hundred dollars til the rent comes up due
I've got nowhere to land and nothing else I can do

But I've got the moon looking over my shoulder
I've got the roads all to myself
I've got…

Guy Fawkes Day 

Remember remember the fifth of November
Sleeping in the other room
If ever if ever I knew where the end was
Our house might not seem like a tomb
Leaves are blowing out the window in the darkness
Lit up by last year's Christmas lights
You asked me if there was still room left in my heart then
Couldn't look you in the eye

Remember remember awful things I can't contend for
Hanging right over my head
If ever if ever I thought there was redress for
I could come back to our bed
Longing for some kind of deeper understanding

Live It Down 

Chin up baby ain't no mountain too high we can't climb
Don't cry darling we can make some changes anytime
Dry your eyes sweetheart if we just keep believing we'll be fine

It's a hard time when your heart pines for another
Kinda life you always dreamed about the real one only wants to spin you round
It's a far cry from the warm side of your covers
Pull them up off of your head time to get on out of bed and live it down

I know you feel alone but you ain't alone not while I'm around
And I know it feels like years but…

I'm Afraid Of My Heart 

I'm afraid of my heart
Want to give it to you
What if it don't last
What if it's ever untrue

I'm afraid of my heart
This traitor in my chest
That only wants to love you
Hope it never rests

I'm afraid of my heart
I'm afraid of my heart

I'm afraid of my heart
So many ways it can betray me
Give up on you or give up the ghost
Lead me astray or break or slay me

I'm afraid of my heart
I'm afraid of my heart

Wanna give you all my years
But how many have I got left inside
Say I'm too young for all these fears
But I don't know how my…

She Says 

Breathing in the seasons changing
She says I worry about you sometimes
Purple silence echoes after her voice
Like the sunrise replaces the night
Maybe you can sing me to sleep
Maybe I could write a book about weightlessness
Maybe I could just get onto a bus and
Find a new place to start myself over again

She says are you all right
I'm fine I'm fine I'm fine
She says do you miss me tonight
I'm fine I'm fine I'm fine

Open window invitation
And it looks like the world's all stop motion animated
And she comes and goes and I