Guy Fawkes Day

Remember remember the fifth of November
Sleeping in the other room
If ever if ever I knew where the end was
Our house might not seem like a tomb
Leaves are blowing out the window in the darkness
Lit up by last year's Christmas lights
You asked me if there was still room left in my heart then
Couldn't look you in the eye

Remember remember awful things I can't contend for
Hanging right over my head
If ever if ever I thought there was redress for
I could come back to our bed
Longing for some kind of deeper understanding
It's so quiet I can hear the furnace run
Maybe everybody has to fall down sometime
But it matters how the fall is done

Remember remember the ashes and the embers
Remember when we were aflame
When nights were long and warm and tangled in between us
When I could live inside your name

I'm sorry

Remember remember the fifth of November

Words & Music by James Hearne
© 2015, Songs de Guerre Music (ASCAP)

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