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What's On JH's Mind, 12.16.16 

My weekly nonsense, set to music. West Side Story kinda creeps in there without context, but otherwise, a pretty mellow week in the ol' noggin. The Isbell/Cook "Pancho & Lefty" is a pretty great surprise to find today, tho. Also the Bonnie "Prince" Billy take on an old Jerry Garcia tune from this year's National-curated Grateful Dead tribute record is just spectacular. Enjoy!

What's On JH's Mind, 12.9.16 

Whew, been a little while since I did one of these, huh? Here's a fun game: A: remember Sponge? B: can you name more than two Sponge songs? Neither could I. But C: guess how many albums (not counting Greatest Hits comps) they have on Spotify. Just guess. Now go look. Were you surprised? I was surprised. Also Bjork, Portishead, Wilco, Tenacious D (really?), Squirrel Nut Zippers (really really?), the Muppets... been a weird kinda week. Enjoy!


What's On JH's Mind, 11.18.16 

A little short this week, I apologize. Still not quite myself after last week... But here it be: lot of old favorites here, nothing too surprising. Sometimes comfort food is what you need. Hope this comforts you!

What's On JH's Mind, 11.4.16 

It's up again! As per usual, a few notes: yes, I had Two Princes stuck in my head this week. No, I don't like Two Princes at all. Yes, I know all the words to Two Princes. No, I didn't learn the words to Two Princes on purpose. Yes, I agree there are a great many better things I could be doing with my so-called memory than knowing the words to Two Princes. Also a great patter song from the great Josh Ritter, Aimee Mann being brilliant as usual, and one of my favorite tracks (out of all ten of my favorite…

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What's On JH's Mind, 10.28.16 

First off: yes, there's two Lydia Loveless tunes this week. The record's just really, really good: deal with it. Second: I found myself stuck on Fantasy despite that I didn't know any of the words or who wrote it. Stabbed in the dark and figured it out. Third: It's incredibly important that we understand that the inclusion of Holly Jolly Christmas should not be taken as an endorsement of the idea of Christmas music being played outside of December (and really, outside of December 24-25), but rather as yet…

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What's on JH's Mind, 10.21.16 

Time again for the earworms that slowly eat my brain on a day to day basis!! A couple notes: I do not, in any way, like or approve of Rob Thomas or his assorted projects, with the exception of the fact that dude writes some INCREDIBLE middle eights, like this one: SUPER effective. Also, it's not on Spotify yet, but go looking for the live version of King of the Mountain if you know what's good for you. Happy listening!!

What's On JH's Mind: 10.7.16 

It's Friday afternoon, time to see what's on my mind, so let's see: Ben Folds Five, Nathaniel Rateliff, Sharon Van Etten, Wilco, Kasey Musgraves, (Wicked Game is basically ALWAYS in my head), Mountain Goats... um. Whitney Houston... is a thing that happened... so anyway, enjoy!

What's On JH's Mind: 9.30.16 

It's Friday again, and while a lot of this week's playlist is fairly straightforward, we do have the first (but certainly not the last) appearance by the Muppets, and more things weren't available on Spotify than usual this week, so rest assured that there's also some Peter Gabriel and Two Nice Girls rattling around in there in spirit...