Summer in Saugerties! A Gig in Rochester!

Hi there ho there cats and kittens!!! 

Been a little while since I've written to y'all, hasn't it? Well, after an amazing blow-out party (from which the above picture hails), and the systematic packing and unpacking of my entire life, I'm now settled into my new base of operations in the glorious Hudson Valley! Less than two hours from Manhattan by car, a little over three from Philly, and just under four from Rochester, The Better Half and I are happy as clams, having traded our fear of street crime and collapsing streets for a fear of being eaten by bears or carried off by mosquitos. We've also swapped our scenic vista of "the neighbor's wall" for the ACTUAL scenic vista of "the woods and the mountains". My new day job is for an IT company that is housed, and I'm not making this up, directly across the street from a cow farm. All in all, we're quite pleased.  

However, as moving is the most wholly-encompassing and exhausting activities known to man (next to soccer), I've been a little behind the curve on booking emails, and now I only have TWO SHOWS BEFORE SEPTEMBER. This is both unholy and wrong.  

That said, the first of them is this coming Saturday, at Nox Cocktails in Rochester NY, and I'm soooper  excited. Nox Cocktails is a relatively new establishment, a "nerd pub" in the Village Gate with wild beverages and comfort food, and is owned and operated by an old, dear friend. I couldn't be more proud of James Black and his lovely and talented wife Corrinne for their success, and for whatever reason, they've asked me to caterwaul at their clientele. I'm sure we will all grow to regret this decision shortly. But until then: I start singin' at 9PM, and finish sometime later than that. There is not (to my knowledge) a cover charge.  

In August, I'll be in NYC, but we'll talk about that later... 

In summary, life is good, country living, music and cocktails, miss ya love ya always thinkin' of ya. 



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