Fundraiser Update #2: I Need Your Help!

Greetings and Salutations!! 

Quickly, I have a couple shows to mention (Jan 29 at Last Chance in Tannersville, Feb 5 at the Anchor in Kingston, and I'm making a triumphant-ish return to Wilmington and Philadelphia on Feb 12 and 13 (WCL at the Queen and Connie's Ric Rac, respectively)), but that's not the important thing here. 

Friends, I have 18 days left to raise funds to create my first solo record: I'm 33% of the way there, which is absolutely great, but is also 67% of the way not there! I really can't wait to have these songs recorded, and I REALLY can't wait for you to hear them!! But here's the thing: I need to have money enough to pay the peoples to make the musics, so that I can let you hear the musics. So I implore you: if you have ANY INTEREST in ever hearing this record (or any future records of mine, really), PLEASE make a contribution at your earliest convenience, and tell your friends about it as well!  

Every contribution of $10 or more comes with a digital copy of the record when it is completed, and it will be released to you weeks before it is released to the world at large. $20 or more gets a physical CD, which will be signed and hand-numbered by yers truly, plus the advance digital copy. There are additional options with swag, house concerts, etc. My personal favorite is the "Cover Video" package (for $75, you get the record (physical and digital), a poster, a t-shirt, a hand-written lyric sheet, AND you get to pick a song, and I'll film myself playing it. You'll get a private link to it, and YOU AND YOU ALONE decide if you want to share it with the world, or if only you ever get to see it). But that's just me. 

I couldn't do any of this without you, and frankly, I wouldn't want to. Your support through the years has been essential to me. If you could see fit to offer up just a little bit more support, I'll be ever so grateful. And you'll have a new record from me to enjoy, and to know that it absolutely would not exist without your help. 

Thanks for everything always!! 



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