This Old Town

Sunday night I heard the sound

Late night sirens all around

Wonder whose life come crashing down in this old town


Think I need some help to maintain

Cuz the cigarettes ain't enough for me these days

And everybody's gone away gone to stay in this old town


Blinded by the city lights

I need some darkness in my sky

Star light star bright wanna see you tonight in this old town


This hunger at the core of me

Is really starting to bore me

Tell me what can you do for me in this old town


Cuz it seems I just got dreams to hold on to

Like the one where I need something from you

The dream dissipates too in this old town


I want a rain to fall

I wanna be washed off my feet

I want your name to call

I wanna leave the street

I wanna float away

Flights of angels sing me to sleep

Words & Music by James Hearne
© 2008, Songs de Guerre Music (ASCAP)


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