Here There Be Monsters

We're off the map
We can't go back
We're lost at sea
We're in the weeds
We stand aside
We run and hide
We fight or flight
We face the night
The words slip out
Escape your mouth
I'm in the dark
Can't find my heart
We're in a storm
And all we're warned
Here there be monsters  

The deep dark woods
Beneath the bridge
We thought we could
Stay on the ledge
We dance the line
We toyed with fate
We burned too bright
We came too late
We lost the pace
Float off in space
No gravity
To hold our feet
We went too far
Showed off our scars
Looked underneath
And only see
Here there be monsters  

And I don't know how many we can fight
And I don't know if we can survive the night
The monsters are here  

It's closing in 
It's nearly here
The costs of sin
The price of fear
We're off the maps
We can't go back
No gravity
We're lost at sea
Here there be monsters  

Words & Music by James Hearne
© 2014 Songs de Guerre Music (ASCAP)

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