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Tomorrow's Clothes 

I can't believe this hot city and it's only May And I sweated through my wallet back up there on the stage I can't wait to get to Brooklyn for a shower and a change but
Oh you kid  

Still feel you smiling in the back of my brain
And I'm dressed up in tomorrow's clothes though it's still today
And I thought of all the things that I wished that I could say but
Oh you kid  

Can't talk about it now
But it's running through my brain
Sitting high above the city but 
My feet still feel the train that
Shudders like my… Read more


Whatever's creeping at your corners

Whatever's weighing on your mind

Whatever's keeping you awake late

Whatever's coming down the line


Whatever secrets you've been keeping

Whatever you've been dreaming of

Whatever passes in between us

Whatever if you want to call it love


I'm just trying to ease your worried mind now

But you just believe it's all I lie about


Whatever words come off of my tongue

Whatever state we're in

Whatever devil's on my shoulder

Whatever the costs of sin


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Decisions, Decisions 

Decisions decisions

Derisions divisions

Ambitions contritions

Collisions inhibitions

I envision an incision

A revision a decision

But I'm too tired for this right now 

I'm too tired for this right now


You don't look all right to me

Been hearing voices in my sleep

Stay up late and try to read

So I don't have to hear you speak

Burn the days burn the weeks

Pray that silence equals peace

But I'm too tired for this right now

I'm too tired for this right now


So don't be kind

If I sleep fine

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Two roads diverged in a yellow wood
Every choice I make becomes the choice I should
The road I didn't take disappears without a trace
Every comfort I forsake draws a line into my face  
Every moment we leave everything that we have ever known
Quiet highways and empty skies it's a journey that we're taking all alone
What we remember is the weight we carry on our backs
What we remember are the lessons that keep us on the beaten track  

In the river that will run
Til my days and nights are done
You'll keep washing away… Read more

Here There Be Monsters 

We're off the map
We can't go back
We're lost at sea
We're in the weeds
We stand aside
We run and hide
We fight or flight
We face the night
The words slip out
Escape your mouth
I'm in the dark
Can't find my heart
We're in a storm
And all we're warned
Here there be monsters  

The deep dark woods
Beneath the bridge
We thought we could
Stay on the ledge
We dance the line
We toyed with fate
We burned too bright
We came too late
We lost the pace
Float off in space
No gravity
To hold our feet
We went too far
Showed off… Read more


The heat of the light and the weight of the heat
And the reflections off all of the cars out in the street

And you looked in my eyes and you shot me a smile
And I was planetstruck there for awhile

Your gravity pulls me to you
Like the tide to the moon
And the light you reflect in the gathering gloom
Brighter than stars
I'm out of tune

And I tumble through night on the back of your love
And I've never been this high up above

Your gravity pulls me to you
Like the tide to the moon
And the light you…

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On Yer Own 

Take heart little bird
The snow's melting soon
There'll be grass underfoot
Crickets to sing you a summertime tune

Take heart little bird
I know it seems dark but the dawn
Will not see its shadow
Will not hesitate to bring the sun

The world is too big for a bird on her own
Rest assured little bird you will not be alone

Take heart little bird
Cuz the cat's gone to sleep
You'll be in no danger you're well out of range of her
Dreaming so deep

The world is too big for a bird on her own
Rest assured little bird you will…

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And your busted stereo
Is like an out-of-tune radio
But it sounds all right to me
And I wonder where you go
When your eyes nightdrive in snow
Slouching towards infinity

And all the farmers in the morning make us change our clocks
And all our exes in the evening make us change our locks
And this highway's so torn up it makes me pray for shocks
Now I find you want me to change my mind

And you say that you can't live
Anymore or something's got to give
You a reason to stay your hand
And you say that you need more space

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