Think It Was

So I think it was the springtime yeah I think it was
I think that it was New York City uh-huh I think it was
I think I saw the lights shine in your eyes that night
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Tomorrow's Clothes

I can't believe this hot city and it's only May And I sweated through my wallet back up there on the stage I can't wait to get to Brooklyn for a shower and a change but
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Whatever's creeping at your corners

Whatever's weighing on your mind

Whatever's keeping you awake late

Whatever's coming down the line


Whatever secrets you've been keeping

Whatever you've been dreaming of

Whatever passes in…

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Decisions, Decisions

Decisions decisions

Derisions divisions

Ambitions contritions

Collisions inhibitions

I envision an incision

A revision a decision

But I'm too tired for this right now 

I'm too tired for this right now


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Two roads diverged in a yellow wood
Every choice I make becomes the choice I should
The road I didn't take disappears without a trace
Every comfort I forsake draws a line into my face  
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Here There Be Monsters

We're off the map
We can't go back
We're lost at sea
We're in the weeds
We stand aside
We run and hide
We fight or flight
We face the night
The words slip out
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The heat of the light and the weight of the heat
And the reflections off all of the cars out in the street

And you looked in my eyes and you shot me a smile
And I was planetstruck…

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On Yer Own

Take heart little bird
The snow's melting soon
There'll be grass underfoot
Crickets to sing you a summertime tune

Take heart little bird
I know it seems dark but the dawn
Will not see its shadow
Will not hesitate…

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And your busted stereo
Is like an out-of-tune radio
But it sounds all right to me
And I wonder where you go
When your eyes nightdrive in snow
Slouching towards infinity

And all the farmers in the morning make…

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